Top app to learn languages

Mondly app

Mondly application is one of the well-known English language learning applications for individuals who wish to become familiar with another language. With the Mondly application, you can take your learning experience with you at whatever point you travel. Fun-loving language students will appreciate Mondly, as games and tests are incorporated into the exercises area.


Duolingo is the most popular language learning application and very suggested for English beginners. The gamified learning arrangement of the application causes you to learn English rapidly by going through twenty minutes every day. Duolingo structures your exercises that trains you around seven new words dependent on a theme and it awards you points when you learn new skills.


Busuu is a standout amongst the best English language applications accessible today and highly suggested for learning English at the beginner level. Structured by etymologists, busuu joins human collaboration and AI-fueled instructing to enable you to get familiar with a language quicker.

Improve English: Word Games

For the individuals who are learning English as an extra language, Improve English: Word Games will give a relentless movement of comprehension. It shows new vocabulary and offers a lot of different ways to practice your language skills.
Improve English: Word Games assists with adapting new words, ideas, and expressions and furthermore gives numerous chances to rehearse. It is intended for the individuals who have set up a fundamental level of English and who are needing to improve their capacity.


Babbel concentrates more on helping English language students secure the fundamental conversational skills. Babbel is an incredible language application that has a solid spotlight on vocabulary. Babbel additionally gives clients a chance to figure out how to comprehend a language by finishing and rehashing phrases. The application has four unique methodologies – Sound Recognition, Picture Recognition, Spelling and Fill in the spaces. It unquestionably centers around the nature of your learning instead of the amount. Babbel likewise utilizes a custom objective framework that enables clients to set benchmarks as they gain proficiency with a language and to screen their advancement too. If you want to learn new vocabulary at that point Babbel is the application for you!

Best Dictionary apps

Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus

Propelled English Dictionary and Thesaurus is extremely better than expected (and poorly named) word reference application. It brags over 1.4 million words alongside a huge number of good and extraordinary highlights. That incorporates a lot of equivalent words, antonyms, hypernyms, hyponyms, meronyms, and fundamentally some other that you can consider. The application has disconnected help just as an instrument that characterizes words when you duplicate them from another application. Fortunately, that component can be crippled. It’s generally modest and surprisingly good. is a standout amongst the most dominant word reference applications in any language. It has definitions and the majority of that simply like an ordinary word reference. In any case, this one can likewise interpret between 51 unique dialects. It centers most intensely around English and German and the rest are there, yet not exactly as much as English or German. The premium mode is shockingly costly, however the application can be used offline for free, the premium version includes a no promotion experience, a question and answer contest, and a vocabulary tracker.

Dict Box Offline Dictionary

Dict Box Offline Dictionary is another of the word reference applications that offers many languages- more than two dozen of them. Every language has its own word reference that can be downloaded for offline use. The application covers the fundamentals, including sentence models, word rectification, and sound elocution. It’s a decent choice for those searching for something rather straightforward.

Dictionary by the Free Dictionary

The essentially named Dictionary application is really better than average choice. You’ll discover words from Webster’s lexicon, The American Heritage lexicon, and Roget’s Thesaurus. The application contains an expression of the day include alongside a thesaurus, interpretations to in excess of 40 dialects etc. It’s certainly among the better word reference applications. has a huge amount of features, including an expression of the day, sound elocutions, an interpreter for more than 30 langauges, and even the word roots. You can purchase extra word references as in-application buys. They incorporate a slang word reference, figures of speech and expresses. Generally speaking, it’s a genuinely strong application.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary is one of the more notable word reference applications out there. The name acknowledgment alone has made it amazingly prominent. Fortunately, it’s additionally filled with highlights. Over the standard word definitions, the application highlights word games to expand your vocabulary. It additionally includes a coordinated thesaurus, model sentences, sound elocutions, expression of the day, and some more.