The True Story Behind the Hustlers Movie

Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu star as former exotic dancers who swindle money from club regulars.

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It all started at a diner … during an era of sexual liberation.

When does it take place? The early-aughts (specifically from 2007 onward), a time when third-wave feminism and sexual liberation were cresting, and the perception of women dancing in clubs shifted from degrading to virtuous.

So when Roselyn Keo (played by Wu)—a high school dropout waiting tables to make ends meet—met a Lace strip club manager who promised her a flashier salary, she was all in.

Eventually, she would graduate to Manhattan’s neon-lit dives like Flash Dancers in Times Square, Scores, and Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club.

It’s here where she met Samantha Foxx.