The official trailer for The Sims 4 Eco is out

The new addition to the Sims will not only make the gameplay more attractive, but it can also educate.

Sims is a phenomenon. A game that came out 20 years ago but still enjoys great popularity. One of the important ingredients of her success are phenomenal additions. The latest will be focused around ecology.

In the new addition, we will be able to, among others, recycle garbage, reduce electricity and water bills, obtaining our own energy from solar panels, grow our own delicious food.

Those who have always been tempted by the concept of trashing in trash cans, but were afraid to test it, will be able to go on a rally through local containers. There, they have a chance to find carelessly thrown things into which, with a little time and ingenuity, you can breathe new life – clothes, furniture, materials to rework.

We will also be able to involve the local community in our new ecological lifestyle. On the voting table you will be able to set a new neighbourhood plan for the week. Thanks to it, we will help revive the area and introduce some life and greenery into deserted wastelands.

We must make decisions wisely. Each of them will affect not only us, but also our city and its appearance. Dirty, gloomy and drawn from the turpist’s ghostly vision, it can be turned into a green dream for environmentalists.

Maybe playing ecology in the game will inspire us to change in more real life.
Though in the face of a pandemic, ecology and the risks associated with climate change have gone a bit backwards at least in public debate. However, when the situation associated with the contagious virus is more controlled, we will return to a world that is troubled by the same problems – mountains of burning garbage, huge sandbanks of waste floating in the oceans, air pollution, temperature change … you could exchange it longer, but I will stop – and without it we have a sufficiently catastrophic climate. New Sims don’t let us forget about it.

The game, extremely popular among younger ones, can be a platform that will pay attention not only to problems plaguing the present day, but also to solutions that are within the reach of every Sim and every man.