Telegram as an alternative to Whatsapp

Telegram is a messaging app which is cloud-based for both mobiles and desktop with a focus on speed and security.

How is it different from Whatsapp?

Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram is a cloud-based messenger with seamless sync. Accordingly, you can get to your messages from a few devices at once, including tablets and PCs, and send an unlimited number of pictures, recordings and documents (doc, zip, mp3, and so on.) of up to 1,5 GB each. Furthermore, on the off chance that you would prefer not to store such information on your device, you can generally keep it in the cloud.

Because of their multi-server infrastructure and encryption, Telegram is quicker and way progressively secure.

In addition, Telegram is free and will remain free – no advertisements, no membership expenses.

What are the main features?

– Telegram is a messaging app with attention on speed and security, it’s super-quick, straightforward and free. You can utilize Telegram on the entirety of your gadgets simultaneously – your messages match up consistently over any number of your telephones, tablets or PCs.

– With Telegram, you can send messages, photographs, recordings and documents of any sort (doc, zip, mp3, and so forth), just as make bunches for up to 200 000 individuals or stations for broadcasting to boundless spectators.

– You can keep in touch with your telephone contacts and discover individuals by their usernames.

– Accordingly, Telegram resembles SMS and email consolidated – and can deal with all your own or business informing needs.

– Furthermore, they support end-to-end encrypted voice calls.

Why switch to Telegram?

– Privacy- messages are encrypted and can self-destruct

– Free- no ads, no membership fees

– Cloud based- you can access your messages from multiple devices

– Security- messages safe from hacker attacks

– Fast- Telegram delivers messages faster than any other app

– Powerful- there is no limit on the size of shared media and chats

– Distributed- servers are spread out around the world for higher security

What can you do with Telegram?

– Delete your messages with a timer.

– Connect from most remote locations.

– Coordinate groups of up to 200 000 members.

– Synchronise your chats across all your devices.

– Send documents of any type.

– Encrypt personal and business secrets.

– Store your media in the cloud.

– Build your own tools on our API.