Samsung Galaxy Z Flip can be scratched with a fingernail

Samsung will have to explain itself densely. Allegedly, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip glass screen can be scratched with a fingernail.

Well-known youtuber JerryRigEverything has just subjected Samsung Galaxy Z Flip to its fancy torture. We are interested in all this one thing: either Samsung is lying and the Galaxy Z Flip has no glass screen, or it does not matter, because in practice it does not differ from plastic.

Personally, I have no knowledge or grounds not to believe Samsung. Something like bent glass exists and it is possible that Samsung was indeed the first to implement it in its new smartphone.

It is also possible that Samsung uses a fancy composite, which he called “glass”, to make it easier to sell Z Flip and to separate it from Galaxy Fold as much as possible (whose start was a disaster, precisely because of the plastic screen) and Motorola Razr, which also has a display allegedly inferior to plastic.

Only that even if the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip display covers the glass, it does not matter.

JerryRigEverything is known for torturing all the smartphones on the market. Zack Nelson does with telephones what no consumer would knowingly do – including checking the hardness of the displays and their scratch resistance using the Mohs scale.

As you can see in the video attached, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip completely failed this exam. It should start to draw only at the marker with the number 5 or 6, like real glass. However, it began to draw already at levels 2 and 3, i.e. at the plastic level – like Galaxy Fold. As if that was not enough, the screen can be scratched and dented using a nail – also like Galaxy Folda.

Nelson suspects that the screen is not technically “glass” in the usual sense of the word, but made of a hybrid plastic polymer mixed with glass microparticles. Theoretically, this allows you to call it “glass”, although we all know that it would be extremely stretched.

After Zack Nelson published his test, The Verge quickly gained Samsung’s comment on the situation:

‘Galaxy Z Flip features an Infinity Flex Display with Samsung’s Ultra Thin Glass (UTG) to deliver a sleek, premium look and offer an immersive viewing experience. Samsung’s first-of-its-kind UTG technology is different from other Galaxy flagship devices. While the display does bend, it should be handled with care. Also, Galaxy Z Flip has a protective layer on top of the UTG similar to Galaxy Fold’

The official position of Samsung is that their new Infinity Flex Display screen covered with Ultra Thin Glass (UTG) is a technology quite different from that used in other smartphones of the company.

A few words of the marketing slur then the sentence that interests us most is: “Galaxy Z Flip has a protective layer over UTG, similar to the one in Samsung Galaxy Fold”.

And – apparently – it is this layer that appears on Zack Nelson’s video. Except not. Sam testing at level 4 on the Mohs scale says that the material begins to cut the screen. If there were glass under the protective layer, up to level 5 or 6, nothing like this should happen.

These are all nice gestures, but they do not release Samsung from responsibility for its words. In the opening presentation of this year’s Unpacked, the company’s representative praised the Z Flip screen as a glass, resistant to scratches and temperature.

Reality, however, did not live up to marketing.