New games in Xbox Game Pass planned for this month

The month is just beginning and two gaming hits are coming to the Xbox Game Pass console version. Tomorrow subscribers will be able to download Final Fantasy XV and Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

Microsoft has just announced the extension of the Xbox Game Pass library with three new games for Xbox One consoles. The first novelty is Final Fantasy XV, so the latest – not counting the remasters of older games – the installment of the iconic RPG saga, which has enjoyed constant popularity for over three decades. This time we will play the role of Noctis, the magical prince of the Kingdom of Lucis and set off on an expedition to regain our homeland. The game undoubtedly captivates with its audiovisual setting, squeezing the last juice from the Xbox consoles. She was also praised for the extensive plot and vision of the universe, although in terms of gameplay itself, the opinions were already divided.

The third and last – for now – new for February is Death Squared, which at one time was also included in the Gold Games. Unfortunately, I had no previous contact with this title, so I’m forced to rely on the publisher’s description. And he claims that the game is a puzzle for 1, 2 or 4 players, which is worth playing with friends with a sharp language. So a simple puzzle game that is supposed to be great to play with friends.

Final Fantasy XV and Wolfenstein: Youngblood will appear on Xbox Game Pass on February 6. Death Squared February 13.

Xbox Game Pass is a paid service for Xbox One consoles and PCs. It comes in several varieties. As long as we have an active subscription, we can install and remove these games any number of times.

Additionally, Xbox Game Pass plans for PC and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate are available, which consists of Xbox Game Pass for PC, console and additionally the Xbox Live Gold service.

All Microsoft Studios games appear on the service on the day of their release and remain in it permanently. The games of external developers are placed in the service at their discretion, sometimes permanently, sometimes for a specified period of time – in a similar way as items on Netflix that are not Netflix Originals. The user is warned in advance if a game is about to disappear and he is offered a discount on its purchase. However, most of the titles remain in Game Pass permanently.