You never have to worry about leaving your stove on again!

Monday morning, 7 am. You get up late because your alarm didn’t go off, take a quick shower, make yourself a small breakfast before you need to leave the house in a hurry to catch the bus to work. As soon as you get on that bus the following, unpleasant question comes up in your mind: ”Did I leave the stove on?“ Well, you probably didn’t but let’s be honest: ”probably“ is not a satisfying answer when there is even the slightest possibility that all of your belongings could burst into flames. This is exactly where Inirv React, a device that lets users control their stove with their smartphone, comes in handy.

To the people at Inirv Labs smoke detectors just didn’t seem safe enough since they can neither intervene nor stop the situation from getting worse. On their website they state that ”here at Inirv Labs, our mission is to improve the safety and efficiency of the home. We founded this company to provide novel solutions to daily problems that affect your safety and well-being.“ That’s why they created a device that is supposed to protect any household from devastating house fires by combining sensors and electronics that are able to detect high levels of smoke, natural gas and a lack of motion in your kitchen.

The device comes in a kit which includes a single sensor unit and four knob controls. A reliable bluetooth connection makes sure that both units stay connected at all times. The sensor unit, which can be easily installed, is responsible for detecting an absence of motion, flammable gases and smoke, way before the situation escalates. As soon as this unit senses high levels of smoke or gas and recognizes that there hasn’t been anybody working in the kitchen for a while, it instructs the knob units to turn the stove off. The four knob controls, which are compatible with any gas or electric stove out there, use Wi-Fi so that customers can turn the stove off or lower the temperature with the accompanied smartphone app. In case of the sensor unit going off while you are still at home, it is easy to cancel the alarm via the knob unit’s touch sensor. Both units have rechargeable batteries and are made out of heat-resistant, durable and high-quality materials.

I am sure all these technical facts sound great to most of us but the most important question is: what will the inner peace, Inirv can provide, cost us? Well, the company is currently running several Kickstarter campaigns in order to be able to up their game in the future. Kickstarter is also where you can pre-order the device for an early-bird price of 229 Dollars. Doesn’t that sound like a reasonable price for a better gut feeling on your bus ride to work?