E3 2020 without Sony and PlayStation 5

Every year, market analysts point to the diminishing role of E3 and every year we get a spectacular spectacle, which we remember later in the following months. Unfortunately, Sony and PlayStation 5 will be missing during the E3 2020 event.

When I read about the falling importance of E3 I have one scene in front of my eyes. We have 2019, the Microsoft conference and a part dedicated to Cyberpunk 2077. Suddenly there is a stage – Keanu Reeves. An amazing moment that evolves as a series of graphics, memes and clippings in news sites around the world. If CDP RED solved this as its own stream, the WOW effect would be much smaller.

Of course, in the era of broad Internet access, the importance of events such as E3 is naturally weakened. Visiting Las Vegas is a huge cost. The possibility of compromising against a live audience is also important. In turn, with the help of a simple, cheap stream, we can reach a comparable or maybe even a larger number of potential recipients. After all, being on E3 is still strength. It’s prestige. It’s emotions.

Sony has officially confirmed what has been talked about behind the scenes in the last few days – companies will be missing at this year’s fair. So it will be exactly like a year ago. During E3 2019, Sony was also a great absentee, giving the stage to Microsoft and Nintendo. At the time, many of us thought that the Japanese would be back in 2020, with the new generation console held under our arms.

However, Sony has other plans to promote its upcoming video game platform. The company will most likely organize its own conference or a series of smaller media meetings. The eyes and lenses of technology services are currently facing New York. This is where Sony plans to organize a multi-day Experience PlayStation event. Its alleged culmination may be just the PS5 presentation.

The Las Vegas Fair is a good opportunity to showcase the games that will appear on the Xbox X Series and Xbox One. Halo Infinite, the new Forza, Flight Simulator and (most likely) the new Fable are titles that can breathe the much needed wind in Microsoft’s sails. The Xbox brand is currently on the defensive, outrun by Sony and Nintendo. The Phil Spencer team at E3 can only gain, because as the third player in terms of number of players on the market there is no one else to lose to.