Don’t get rid of PlayStation 4 pads. They’ll be useful for playing on … PlayStation 5

DualShock 5 will be compatible with the PlayStation 4 console, while DualShock 4 will join the PlayStation 5 console. Sony will give us a solid reason not to get rid of older controllers when the PS5 appears on store shelves.

The second controller is one of the first things we purchase after buying a new console. Thanks to the next pad we can play competitive and cooperative productions together with another person. An additional controller is a must-have on every fan of such series like FIFA, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Overcooked, Diablo or Resident Evil.

The second controller is also useful for one player. It is worth having it on hand when the battery is discharged in another pad, and the charger is out of range. An additional pad is also a protection against any defect that forces you to stop the game and go to the store. However, if we play both on the console and on the PC, an additional controller can be permanently paired with the second platform.

It is already certain that the PS5 console will be fully compatible with the PSVR virtual reality goggles. It is currently the most popular VR set created for video games, with sales of over 5 million boxes. Not much compared to over 100 million PS4 consoles, but a lot if we compare this result with the flagship goggles Oculus and HTC. Since the PS5 communicates with PSVR, it can be assumed that the console will also be compatible with the PlayStation camera, Move sticks and the sensational Aim Controller.

Rumors also talk about at least one USB-A input, thanks to which PlayStation 5 will support many previous-generation devices such as wireless headsets, amplifiers, sets with steering wheels and pen drives. However, this is unverified information that we still have to wait for confirmation. Same as on PS5, to debut at the end of 2020.