Barbra Streisand gave the daughter of George Floyd an unusual gift

The United States is still in a deep crisis caused by the tragic death of George Floyd – an African American murdered by a white police officer. Many Hollywood stars have joined the ongoing U.S. protests, but some like Barbra Streisand have decided to help the Floyd family instead.

Soon it will be a month since the event that moved all of America and started a global discussion about racism. It was May 25 that George Floyd was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer. The black man soon became a symbol of systemic violence still directed against African Americans, and his death served as a catalyst for enormous protests.

Gianna is now the owner of Disney shares. The girl boasted a gift on her Instagram. The icon of American music also sent Gianna two of her albums “My Name is Barbra” and “Color Me Barbra”. It was not specified how much Streisand’s shares she purchased on her behalf, but this gesture will definitely help Gianna in the future. Just like the GoFundMe fundraiser, which has already exceeded its initial target of USD 2 million.

Gianna Floyd set up an Instagram account after her father’s death. He uses it primarily to support current protests with the slogan “Stop Killing Our Fathers”. The girl was supported in this action by, among others Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama, which translated into a result of 36,000 followers.

“A beautiful moment of silence for George Floyd in Minneapolis yesterday. There’s such power in solidarity – and it can all be done non-violently, ”the singer captioned a June 2 Instagram post of footage of a peaceful protest. “What happened to George is a modern-day lynching.”