5 Reasons why the HTC U Play is not worth 400 GBP

HTC just launched its U Play phone which is part of their new 2017 family of phones. The HTC U Play is a smaller and more conventional sibling to the HTC U Ultra and retails at 400 GBP. Unfortunately, several online reviews brought to light that even though the phone’s price suggests it to be a high-end phone, it is in fact nothing more than an average mid-range device. Here are 5 reasons why the HTC U Play is not worth its money.

1. It doesn’t have a headphone jack. Instead of providing their customers with a proper headphone jack HTC have decided to build the U Play with a USB Type-C port. The problem is that there are very few USB Type-C earphones available and even though the handset comes with a pair of headphones, users won’t be able to listen to music and charge their phone at the same time.

2. Other phones offer a higher resolution. The HTC U Play comes with a 1080p Super LCD screen but users will definitely notice inconsistencies in the image quality.

3. It does not run Anroid 7.0 Nougat. Instead, HTC’s new phone runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow which is a good operating system but we would have expected a phone in this price range to run the newest operating system available.

4. Its core hardware equals that of a mid-range phone. The HTC U Play uses the MediaTek Helio P10 processor and 3 GB of Ram. The handset operates pretty fast as long as you are not using too exotic apps but again, the phone’s price would suggest it to use a high-end processor.

5. Its battery life is a disaster. This is probably the biggest issue users have been complaining about when it comes to the U Play. People have been constantly frustrated by the fact that the phone runs out of battery throughout the day even though they didn’t play games or stream anything. The fairly small 2.500mAh battery only allows two hours of gaming from a full charge and is most definitely not worth the money you would be investing.

Obviously not everything about the HTC U Play is bad. The phone is equipped with Gorilla Glass 5 which does a pretty good job in keeping it from breaking. The smooth and rounded shape of the phone, which also comes in four different colours, is an eye-catcher and users have been fairly happy with the way the front and back 16-megapixel cameras perform. Nevertheless, the HTC U Play is falling short of expectations and in our opinion it is not worth its price.