5 Degrees with high paying jobs

Which degrees offer high paying jobs? Here is the list of 5 fields of study, after which you will not have a problem finding a job:

1. Computer science

Nowadays, this choice should not surprise anyone anymore. IT or related studies offer great employment opportunities. What’s more, they usually bring good or even very good salary. This vision attracts an increasing number of young people every year, determined to explore the secrets of new technologies. Still, to have a chance to work in one of the IT professions, you need to be good at what you do and, above all, like it. If you choose this field of study only because you count on top money, then you can quickly get discouraged. Studies such as IT require not only a lot of commitment, but also passion. In the IT industry, it is necessary to constantly improve and be up to date with all technological innovations. If it just “doesn’t turn you on” then choosing this learning path may not be for you.

2. Finance and accounting or economics

One of the best fields of study are still those related to finance. The demand for specialists in this industry is high and it does not seem to change. So if you find yourself in the world of numbers and have an analytical mind – think about choosing this path. It will provide you with work in both small enterprises and large corporations.

3. Automation and robotics

Automation and robotics are certainly an interesting field of study. This educational path has only recently become so popular. It is one of the directions ‘ordered’ in the program run by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. This means that graduates of these studies are very desirable on the labor market. In addition, under the program, they are awarded high incentive grants during their studies.

4. Electrical engineering

Which field of study should you choose when you want to develop in the field of electrical issues? A good idea here will be electrical engineering, also called electrical engineering. This field covers a wide range of knowledge regarding both the generation and processing, transmission and use of electricity. This field of study is not the simplest, so you need to prepare for hard work.

5. Law

Law is still one of the most popular fields of study. Every year, thousands of young people choose this learning path. The competition is therefore high. Still, lawyers still have a chance to get a good job. In this case, however, their perseverance is important, as well as their willingness to constantly improve their competences.