The most common facial treatments

Closeup of adult caucasian woman having her face pampered at beauty salon by unrecognizable mid aged professional female beautician. The client is relaxing on massage bed wrapped in white towel. Some cosmetic products are on the shelves in background, blurry.

The first wrinkles have already appeared on your complexion or maybe it has become more dry in recent weeks? Do you have a problem with cellulite or withe and dry skin of the hands? The best way to compensate for these aesthetic defects disturbing the beautiful appearance is to use professional cosmetic procedures (cosmetic procedures in Warsaw). Below you will find a lot of valuable information that will help you choose the right treatment for you, do you want to know what we have prepared for you? Then come on!

When to get help from a beautician?

Looking in the mirror, do you see that something bad is happening to your skin? Blackheads, blemishes, dry skin, loss of firmness, broken blood vessels (telangiectasias) – these are the problems that women are struggling with and each of us wants to look beautiful to feel good in our own skin. In critical situations, when, unexpectedly, every day we see an increasing number of defects in our skin, we start treatment at home.

For this purpose, we usually go to the drugstore and without thinking we buy the latest cosmetics without thinking about how they will affect our skin. Remember that we are all different, each of us has a different type of skin, a product that has worked great with your friend does not necessarily have the same effects in your case. Before you decide to act on your own, try to determine your skin type and the problem you want to combat e.g. blackheads, imperfections, enlarged pores, first wrinkles, bruises under the eyes, excessive sebum production, etc.

In a situation where home treatment did not bring the expected results and the condition of your skin did not improve, on the contrary it worsened it is a signal to visit a specialist. Both the beautician and cosmetologist are properly educated and experienced people who are familiar with the basics of cosmetics.

Platelet-rich plasma treatment

When the procedure vampire facelift appeared on the cosmetics market aroused much controversy. To this day, he has his loyal fans and strong opponents. The skin after the treatment looks like it was bloody, which is where the popular term for this therapy – “vampire lifting” came from.

Although treatment is not the cheapest, it was the vampire facelift that was the treatment most cosmetic clients underwent. The goal of plasma therapy is to intensively nourish and regenerate the deeper layers of the skin as well as stimulate the cells to secrete collagen and elastin – substances that affect skin firmness and tension. This treatment is invasive and a bit painful, but for the effects it guarantees, it is worth suffering for a short while. The cost of one session varies within 700 PLN, as in the case of other cosmetic procedures, and here it is recommended to perform several sessions at regular intervals.

Needle mesotherapy and no needle mesotherapy

Mesotherapy (volunteer mesotherapy) is a cosmetic procedure carried out with the help of a specialized device, equipped with a head containing thin needles (needle mesotherapy) or a completely smooth head (needle-free mesotherapy). Invasive treatment is recommended for people with normal, combination and oily skin, while a milder version of mesotherapy is recommended for dry, sensitive and prone to irritation skin.

With the help of the device, the beautician introduces a properly selected vitamin preparation into the client’s skin. Under the influence of the head, the active ingredients contained in the applied cosmetic penetrate deep into the skin, guaranteeing an immediate moisturizing, nourishing or firming effect.

Diamond and corundum microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion, which we divide into diamond or corundum, has been in third place for over a dozen years, which has been present in beauty salons. The difference lies in the use of special covers on the device, some are covered with diamond abrasive particles and the other with corundum. Microdermabrasion belongs to the group of deep skin cleansing treatments, therefore it is recommended in particular for people with combination skin, oily skin, prone to imperfections, but not only. Microdermabrasion is a treatment that restores natural healthy glow and reduces and smoothes wrinkles, which can also benefit mature women who already see the first signs of skin aging.