Work from home “forever”: some American companies have declared

Some Twitter employees will not return to work in the office, even after the COVID-19 pandemic, according to US media. So far, the company has not revealed which employees will be able to take advantage of this opportunity. This is another American technology concern that has decided to extend the possibility of working from home.

Twitter will allow some employees to work from home “forever” – the company said.

According to CNN, Twitter’s decision shows how measures to counter the spread of coronavirus can change working conditions in US corporations.

For now, the company has not revealed which employees will be able to use such a solution. In his statement, Twitter wrote that the experience of recent months indicates that remote work can be effectively used on a large scale.

“If our employees can work from home and want to do it forever, we’ll give them the opportunity,” said Twitter vice president Jennifer Christie. – We will ensure safe conditions in offices for employees who decide to return – she added.

Most of the company’s facilities will not open until September.

Another company

More and more American technology companies are deciding to extend their remote work.

Facebook recently announced that it plans to open most of its offices on July 6, but all employees who have the option of performing their duties remotely will be able to work in this manner until the end of the year.

Google, which originally announced that it would ask employees to return to offices after June 1, also announced that it would extend the possibility of remote work for seven consecutive months.

In turn, Amazon announced that employees who are able to “effectively” work from home, can use this opportunity until October 2.