What do the signs mean in The Witcher 3?

To hunt strong monsters, Geralt has acquired some fantastic magic powers. Each power represents a specific sign. He has five different types of signs that can be used according to a situation. To use each power, it requires all the stamina of Geralt. Therefore, players cannot spam his powers. All five magic powers are written in detail below.

Five Signs in The Witcher 3


Igni is one of the most using Magic/Sign in The Witcher sequel. It casts a blow of flames from Geralt’s hand that burns all nearby enemies. This spell is mostly used to weaken strong monsters like Werewolves, Goblins, and Foglets. Moreover, in the gas clouds’ missions, players can use this sign to destroy all the harmful gas clouds.


Axii is an epic sign specifically used against strong enemies. With the help of this sign, Geralt can take control of the opponent’s brain and make them think and behave as Geralt wants. If the enemy is stronger, take over its body and make it let Geralt pass.


Quen is one of the best defensive signs. It creates a strong shield around the caster. When multiple enemies surround Geralt, Quen can save him from strong upcoming attacks. It can also be upgraded with the time that will make the shield act as a bomb; upon extreme damage, it will explode.  

Note: The explosion deals substantial damage to nearby enemies.


Aard is a sign that unleashes a telekinetic force that is used to destroy weak walls, push back an enemy, and remove unnecessary obstacles from a path. 


Yrden is a great spell to overcome monsters with shields. With the help of Yrden, Geralt can cast a trap on a ground. On trigger, the trap slows the enemy and gives Geralt an advantage to deal with critical attacks. If one or two enemies trigger the trap, then it is better to kill them with the bow.