Top list of odds comparison sites


The peculiarity of this site is that it offers betting tips, which many others do not have. What they do is give you their modification of what will happen during the sporting event. These decisions can go from the final result, who wins in the first part and then the game definitely. All this in order that you can make more bets throughout the event.

The estimates are not only a mere probability, but by entering into one of these estimates: that estimate is perfectly justified, based on what is argued, what are the key points for it, and its final conclusion.

In short, sportytrader is firmly committed to providing the user with numerous options apart from mere odds, so that he can try his luck in different bets.

Our rating: 8.5/10


Perhaps the most remarkable thing about wincomparator is how well structured the information is and the wide range of comparisons they give you. Also … you have a direct link from the estimate, to the betting page which gives a quick and fluid touch. It also gives you extra information about which bookmakers give you a bonus when you sign up for them.
For the rest, the design is clear and simple, focused on the odds and nothing else.

Our rating: 7.5/10


Perhaps in this case the opposite occurs than in wincomparator that there is a lot of information and it is sometimes not as clear as it should. However … that information is very useful. Kickform is very focused on predictions, both results and trends, and those predictions are reflected in percentages of probability for that to happen. They also include Tips, but not as developed as in Sporty Trader.

Our rating: 6.5/10


A clear example of what should not be done on an odds page is that the information is very poorly distributed, so much so that it is difficult at first sight to see where the relevant information is and why. They wanted to give the interface a professional look, omitting the usability and clarity of the page, which penalizes against it. Likewise, the menus do not give relevant information and their distribution is completely improved.

Our rating: 4.5/10


Another case of much information and, although better arranged than in our previous example, in the end it harms the readability of the figures and highlighted areas. They include that, a great cast of sporting events, covering the league of South America and others.
It also has as a novelty a section where you get all the bonuses and free bets that betting companies give their users to start with them, and not only the amount, but the process that must be performed to benefit from them, that sometimes it’s not easy.

Our rating: 5.5/10