Tinder Select sparks controversy.

People at Tinder headquarters must have been feeling slightly nervous since several sources claimed the existence of a members-only version of the platform, called Tinder Select. While the internet has been engaging in heated discussions about whether a Tinder version for celebrities and people who do really well on Tinder is fair or not, the company has remained silent. And that is unlikely to change any time soon.

Apparently Tinder has been inviting elite users, like CEO’s, supermodels, musicians, actors and other ”special“ members of society to this platform for at least six months. Invited members are then able to nominate other potential members which, after a background check, are then allowed access to the app. That way developers have obviously tried to make sure that Tinder Select does not spread uncontrollably. Thus, the lucky ones that get to be members of Tinder Select can stay amongst people like them, meaning attractive, accessible, successful and high-profile men and women.

Tinder is not the first dating app that has been found guilty of trying to pamper its top users and applying the invite-only concept to its system. Raya, a dating app reserved for users with massive amounts of Instagram followers and/or cool and creative jobs, exclusively works with invitations. Another invitation-only dating app, called The League, even uses LinkedIn to receive data on users’ education and profession, making sure that only successful people enter the app. With Tinder Select, Tinder is apparently making an effort to create a secretive layer for the most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes out there.

So why has Tinder been keeping this a secret for six months and why, despite the intense media coverage, hasn’t anyone come forward and confirmed or denied the leaked information concerning Tinder Select? Well, Tinder officials are probably afraid of their huge user base feeling pretty upset and they should be. People have been venting their frustration on platforms like Twitter and tech blogger Chris Matyszcyk summarised the entire issue as follows: ”The famous and the beautiful aren’t like you and me. And, to be honest, they don’t like you and me much either.“ But, let’s face it: can you imagine the frenzy if a celebrity would create a proper Tinder profile? In a way, online dating isn’t that different from dating in the real world, where celebrities or successful people in general tend to mingle in their own little circles. I don’t envy them for that restriction and you shouldn’t, either.