Softwares to help you stay organised

Team work management is one thing. Managing your professional and private tasks and interests is a completely different topic. Equally important, free time often shrinks and does not give a sense of satisfaction from an effectively and pleasantly spent evening or weekend. Here is the list of software to help you stay organised.

1. Trello

The first software is often compared to a cork board because it allows placement on so-called boards of lists with information for specific people or teams. Thanks to this, we will be able to control many company projects and important tasks, which so far may not have been completed by our employees.
The most important functionalities include the ability to use the software by many people, attach files from Google Drive or Dropbox, upload photos and videos, and comment on the work of others.

2. Asana

Asana is another software for organizing projects, planning trips, tasks and other important issues that are commonplace in every company. The platform is a very complex website for teamwork, which does not need additional e-mail. It also enables quick division of tasks and assigning them to specific employees or creating notes and comments.
The biggest advantages of the work organization program include the presence of a workspace calendar, which greatly facilitates planning, the availability of additional plugins and synchronization with Google Calendar.

3. Podio

Despite several similarities to Asana or Trello, we can recommend Podio because of the simplicity that will appeal especially to people who have not dealt with softwares to organize time before. Podio is not only a list for assigning tasks or projects, but also the ability to manage holidays, expenses and other important issues.
The biggest advantages of the program include a simple interface, an impressive set of functionalities and the ability to create various reports. The tool can also be integrated with Google Drive and Dropbox, creating one platform for organizing time in the company.

4. Roster

The program, as its name implies, was created with a view to designing roster among medical workers. After a while, however, it developed so much that it was successfully made available to companies that use its capabilities to schedule employees’ work. The roster works with up to 4 work shifts and even automatically sets a monthly work standard. If we have a problem with the good organization of a very large team of employees, this is a software created for us. The biggest advantages of the employee management program include the ability to generate and print a work schedule or work record cards, intuitive and simple interface, and large configuration options.

5. Microsoft Project Professional

A professional program for project management, thus increasing the efficiency of office work. You can easily track projects under one management system that works with other Microsoft products and cloud services.
The biggest advantages of the program include a wide range of reporting softwares, analysis of alternative scenarios without having to create a plan from scratch or easy building of project sites.