Red Dead Redemption 2

The Developers Rockstar has an immaculate record when it comes to big-budget blockbusters. Time and time again, with the pressure firmly on, they stand up and deliver the goods when it truly matters. All this, despite the immense hyperbole and sky-high expectation levels surrounding each release. So then, it is only fitting, that Sam Houser and Co should submit the latest instalment in the franchise, albeit a prequel, brimming with confidence and flaunting smiles from ear to ear. That said, Red Dead Redemption 2 is an outstanding game and one that does extreme justice to this beloved, western Wonderland.

Johnny Marston’s back, and he’s better than ever. Well, maybe on par, but it’s still brilliant, nonetheless. Fear not, law and order are restored.

True to form, this latest entry in the saga builds upon the solid foundations of its heralded archetype. In doing so, a sprawling open-world awaits, full of gun-slinging banditos and outlaws. Moreover, it acts as a testament to this franchise, all the while proving that demand for games of the Role-playing genre has never been so prevalent. All in all, the combination of stunning visuals, gripping gameplay, and a climactic OST brings all the pieces of the jigsaw together. What follows is an immersive masterpiece. Now go, the wild west awaits.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Story

Chronologically, Red Dead Redemption 2 takes place in the period 1899, amidst the enveloping chaos of the wild west. Precisely speaking; toward the end of this era. As a result, the age of the outlaw has passed its peak — a dying breed, teetering on the edge of extinction. With the looming threat of government forces imminent and fellow gangs jostling for power, a vacuum of doubt emerges, and a period of uncertainty and unrest ensues.

However, there are those willing to capitalize or instead cache in on this era in instability, resigned to the history books. Regarding the story, Red Dead Redemption 2 delivers above and beyond expectation. What follows is an intense thrill-ride full of shocks, plots, schemes, and surprises, set in a world experiencing turbulent times and a shift in power.

The main protagonist Arthur Morgan acts as a decent sit in for Marston, and there is plenty of layers to his personality. Finally, the end product is a well-rounded game, that ties events up nicely. Perhaps it lacks a dramatic flourish or crescendo, but the six chapters and an epilogue more than satisfy the soul. The game doesn’t pack the punch of its predecessor plotwise, but it does come up trumps, especially concerning script writing. Hence, the dialogue is broad and detailed.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay

One thing’s for sure. You will never be lost for stuff to do in this game. Honestly, the content is colossal. Should you decide to put quests to one side for a brief interlude, a whole host of activities lie in store. Venture off the beaten track, and you’re’ greeted by acres of uncharted territory containing natural wonders and radiant beauty. Experience the vast mountain ranges, lakeside cabins, dense forests, and earthy-terrain.

Marvel at the abundance of animals feasting on the luscious flora and the wild vegetation scattered across the plains. There is just so much to admire, see, and do. Also, players can seek out an idyllic rural lake to enjoy a spot of fishing. If that’s not your bag, then perhaps you may wish to try your luck at poker or dominos. Play your cards right, and the jackpot’s yours.

Visually, Red Dead Redemption 2 is in a class of its own. All around, there is enormous attention to detail. Whether that’s the slushy snow that breaks under your feet or the frost that develops on the protagonist’s beard, each sight and sound provide a visceral treat for the senses notwithstanding the lighting effects, which again, are out of this world. Now apply great animations and physics. Surely then, we are on to a winner.

To Conclude, Red Dead Redemption effectively improves upon the gameplay of the first, albeit to the detriment of the story. That said, the convincing voice acting, jaw-dropping visuals, and expansive open-world combine to create a memorable, once in a lifetime experience. Therefore, this is a game that you must play, at least before you meet your maker, even more so for fans of the franchise.

What did you make of Rockstars prequel? Does it live up to the hype? Or is it one step behind the original? Also, what has Rockstar got in store for us going forward? As always, your thoughts matter to us, so please write in with your views.