Oscar 2021 Ceremony postponed for 2 months

The coronavirus pandemic hit the entire world film industry sharply. Other high-profile film productions change their release dates to a later one, and many others are still not sure when he will return to the set. In view of all these difficulties, the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has decided to postpone the Oscars.

The best thing about the difficult situation on the global film production market is the recent change in the strategy of Warner Bros. Until recently, it seemed that her bosses believed most in the relatively quick return of cinemas to normal operations. Early production dates of upcoming hits from Warner were supposed to help take advantage of competition concerns and achieve better results in the box office. However, the studio’s ambitious plans have fallen asleep, which is why films such as “Tenet”, “Wonder Woman 1984” and “Godzilla versus King Kong” have just received new release dates.

There are even more similar shifts around the world, and for several months it has been impossible to organise customary film festivals at which various novelties were presented. Therefore, the current distribution of premieres for the rest of 2020 is extremely poor. And if so, there was not much to choose from which productions worth receiving the most important film statuette.

That is why the American Film Academy cancelled the awards ceremony announced on February 28. The 2021 Oscars will take place at a different date.

In a joint statement, the president and head of the board of the Academy announced that the date change is intended to help filmmakers and provide them with more flexibility. Simply put, no one in the world intended to punish production that has not yet been able to hit the market. Not to mention that the Oscars with just a handful of nominated films would not make much sense.

According to Variety, the decision of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has been positively received by the environment. Films wanting to fight for Oscars no longer have to frantically speed up post-production to make it before December 31. After the latest changes, it is enough for their film to debut in theatres by February 28 at the latest. We will know the nominations on March 15. It is very possible that this decision will also positively affect other film awards, which thanks to Oscars have a kind of anchor around which they can gather. The British Academy has already announced that the BAFTA 2021 Awards Ceremony will take place two weeks before the American ceremony.