Nintendo Switch breaking the sales record and ahead of Xbox One

Almost 53 million boxes were sold. Nintendo Switch maintains a great sales pace, disappearing from the shelves at a dizzying pace. The portable console was far ahead of the Xbox One, despite being twice as short on the market.

The past sales quarter was the best in Switch’s history. Nintendo boasted data that shows that within three months the company managed to sell almost 11 million consoles. In my opinion, such a great result is the effect of three main overlapping factors: first, Nintendo Switch was the star of the holiday shopping period. Secondly, new Pokemons debuted in the quarter under review. Third, the market is saturated with PlayStation 4, and Switch is an interesting change over the more serious, more powerful Sony platform.

The Japanese sell the console in the set with the docking station at the same value as on the day of release, three years ago. Where does the growing demand for Switch come from, despite the unchanged price? The key to success is a very good exclusive games catalog. In 2019 alone, Nintendo released, among others Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Super Mario Maker 2, Pokemon Sword, Pokemon Shield, Astral Chain, Tetris 99 or The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past.

A cheaper alternative to the Nintendo offer is the new Nintendo Switch Lite. The smaller console without a docking station and wireless Joy-Cons encouraged at least some of those waiting for a price cut. Thanks to the premiere of the Lite version, Poles can get a new Nintendo console below EUR 300. It is worth noting that we are ahead of the premiere of the unofficial Switch Pro, which will be aimed at those wealthier, more dedicated Nintendo fans.

The Nintendo handheld has already achieved greater sales success than Xbox One, SNES, GameCube, Nintendo 64, PS Vita, Dreamcast or the first Xbox. This is an impressive achievement in that the console has been on the market for less than three years. Considering how solidly Nintendo supports its portable platforms, it can be assumed that the life of the Switch will be 6 – 8 years. So we are only in (less than) half of this marathon. For comparison, the Xbox One family debuted on the market in 2013, while Microsoft still has not broken the barrier of 50 million consoles sold.

With 53 million boxes already sold, Nintendo can set Switch with more ambitious goals. Before the next holiday season comes, handheld will probably outpace the total sales result of the iconic NES, amounting to 62 million boxes. Next on the horizon is the Nintendo 3DS with 75 million copies sold. It gets more interesting at the level of over 85 million boxes – these are the results of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

I assume that after summarizing the next holiday season – already in 2021 – Switch will be in direct competition with Xbox 360 and PS3. Not bad for a young four-year-old in the middle of his life cycle. Later is the first PlayStation and Wii – the absolute bestsellers in the console world. I feel in my bones that Nintendo Switch will also be such a bestseller. Of course, the Great N will manage to keep the murderous pace of publishing great exclusive games, and the console itself will get another, two refreshed versions.

The eighth generation of game consoles is a very good time for Sony and Nintendo. Both Japanese companies have a real chance to break their historical sales records. In the case of Sony, it is PlayStation 2 with its 155 million buyers. In turn, Nintendo would love to beat the portable DS score of 154 million boxes sold. Astronomical values, but within sales departments. Switch has many years of market presence ahead of it, while Sony may be looking for the missing millions even after the release of PS5, seeing the place of cheap PS4 in developing countries. Brazil, African countries, India – there is still a significant market there.