“Mad” Mike Hughes crashed in his own steam-powered rocket design

Hughes believed that the earth was flat. He hoped that he would prove it by flying into space.

“Michael” Crazy Mike “Hughes died tragically today while trying to launch a self-constructed rocket. In this difficult time, we direct our thoughts to his family and friends. He has always dreamed of this startup, which is why Science Channel was there to document his accomplishment, “Science Channel said.

64-year-old “Mad” Mike and his assistant built a rocket in the garden, spent about 18 thousand on it in dollars. Hughes wanted to reach a height of five thousand feet this time, so slightly over 1.5 thousand. meters.

On a previous flight, in March last year, Hughes reached a height of about 570 meters and launched a parachute. However, the speed was so great that even after opening the second parachute, the landing was hard and emergency intervention was necessary for connection with a back injury.

The action was aimed at publicizing the fundraiser that the man conducted online. He finally planned to build a rocket that could take him to the Kármán line, i.e. to a height of about 100 kilometers. – Do I believe that the Earth is frisbee? Yes. Do I know that for certain? No. That’s why I want to go to space – he said then.

Cause of the tragedy was a parachute failure?
Saturday’s flight was recorded by Science Channel television. Hughes was to be one of the heroes of the series “Homemade Astronauts” about amateur rocket builders.

The recording, which appeared on social media, shows that immediately after the launch a parachute flew and rose, which was supposed to slow down the falling comet. The services arrived confirmed the death of Hughes.