Is coconut oil really healthy?

The food market often surprises us with new products. Coconut oil has recently become a hit, used in both the cosmetics and food industries. How to use it wisely and consciously when preparing your favorite dishes? Who is it recommended and what are its nutritional properties?

Differences between lard and coconut oil

– In terms of saturated fatty acids, coconut oil is basically no different from … lard. Proponents of coconut oil in a high concentration of saturated fatty acids see its main advantage because it does not oxidize during heat treatment. Which of course is true. However, it is worth considering the desirability of using it cold – as an addition to desserts or cocktails. A too high content of NKT in the diet may increase the risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases – explains a dietitian from the Center of Applied Dietetics.

Nutritional values

Interestingly, coconut oil should be forgotten primarily by people on a reducing diet, because this product can destroy the effort in seeking a slim figure. Many people are convinced of its health, antibacterial, and fat-burning properties. As a result, instead of the expected weight loss, one should take into account … its increase due to excessive consumption of this product.

– A small teaspoon of coconut oil, i.e. about 15 g, provides 135 kcal and 15 g of fat to the body. For comparison, a large spoon of olive oil has a smaller weight, just 10g, and provides 88 kcal and 10 g of fat. In the case of coconut oil, they are only saturated fatty acids, and in the case of oil, mainly unsaturated fatty acids, which have a protective effect against cardiovascular diseases – added a nutritionist from the Center of Applied Dietetics.

A few words about the action …

Coconut oil has also been attributed quite rightly, antibacterial activity due to the phenolic compounds it contains. However, it should be remembered that the same compounds are contained in linseed and cottonseed oil, and these will also provide us with unsaturated fatty acids. Always keep in mind that both those contained in linseed, cotton and coconut oil in excessive amounts can have side effects.

What to decide?

– We generally recommend coconut oil but for skincare… However, in the diet, it is worth appreciating our native rapeseed oil. Use refined for frying. However, as an addition to cold dishes, it is worth choosing the unrefined – sum up dietitians from the Center of Applied Dietetics.

Not everything that is currently fashionable must be healthy. It is worth maintaining moderation and common sense and analyzes all nutritional novelties before introducing them to your menu and diet.

– However, it’s always worth consulting a specialist and not basing your knowledge solely on common opinions or advice read on the web – experts sum up.