Huawei tempts developers with lower commission

Huawei strives for developers to put their applications in its store. The company has prepared lower commissions than on Google Play.

As a result of the trade war between the United States and China, companies like Huawei cannot do business with US companies. This cut them off from Google services. As a result, on new smartphones from the Middle Kingdom there are, among others Google Play store.

Huawei fills this gap with its own store called AppGallery.
It is important for people who are tempted to the smartphone of this brand deprived of Google Play services due to, for example, an attractive price. There are already ways to unofficially upload Google applications to Huawei’s hardware in three minutes, but let’s face it – these dodgy methods can stop working anytime.

There is no guarantee that applications will be unofficially uploaded in the future. Each update has potential compatibility issues. Fortunately, this does not apply to programs downloaded from the manufacturer’s store. Huawei ensures that programmers care about being in its repository.

The Chinese are also aware that they must strive for it.
The mere fact that Huawei is enjoying popularity is not a sufficient reason for developers to flock in crowds at AppGallery. Amazon and Microsoft have already found out that developers are reluctant to spend man-hours on uploading their productions to platforms other than Google Play and the App Store.

That’s why AppGallery encourages developers with lower commissions.
And this is a very good step, because the mere presence in the store on smartphones that have access to Google Play anyway is not something extremely important for the developer, and the equipment exclusively from Huawei Mobile Services is a niche. However, the Chinese company has found a carrot for programmers in the form of a new commission table.

In the case of Google Play (and Apple), developers give store creators 30% of their earnings. Huawei said that as an incentive for the first year for applications – and regardless of the category – it will not charge any commission at all.

The manufacturer’s commission will not increase until 12 months of the item’s presence in the store – up to 10 percent. for educational applications and up to 15% for all others. To this normal level (i.e. 20% and 30% respectively), the commission will not be reached until two years after the debut.

It looks slightly different in the case of games. The commission will appear here immediately, but for 24 months from the introduction of the production to AppGallery will be a preferential 15 percent. Only after two years from the premiere will it increase from 30 percent.