How to stay productive working from home

How to work remotely and be productive? Here are the best remote working practices.

#1 Create a permanent place to work

The first step is to designate an area in your apartment or house that is specifically intended for work. Ideally, it will be a separate room that you can exchange for a home office. If you lack space, you can allocate part of the room to work space. Organize a workplace. Separate the home space from the one where you work. Extract an area where you can set up a desk, computer and other office equipment and supplies.

#2 Invest in high quality technology

Creating a home office or work space may require some investment. Unless you get a ready-made remote work tool kit from your employer to do your work every day, you may be forced to buy a few things. Such as e.g. a desktop computer, laptop, monitors, tablet, keyboard, mouse, printer, scanner, mobile phone or headset.

#3 Choose comfortable office furniture

You may also need to invest in office furniture. Depending on the amount of space available, consider buying a large desk, book shelves, and a comfortable office chair.If you don’t want to, you don’t necessarily have to choose the most expensive furniture. There are many furniture manufacturers who offer affordable desks and office equipment that are relatively easy to set up at home. If you have little space and a small desk, you can also think about a solid monitor arm to make the most of your desk space.

#4 Develop a morning routine

The nice thing about working at home is that you don’t have to get up early to get to work. You don’t have to stress, hurry and commute in traffic to the office. Theoretically, you wake up, start the computer and we are already at work. However, working from home does not mean that you can completely skip your morning routine, which you usually do before leaving home for work.

#5 Don’t work in your pyjamas

Work in casual clothing is one of the reasons why people love working at home. Some do not even take off their pyjamas and immediately start working. Unfortunately, if you enjoy working in your pyjamas, you unknowingly kill your productivity. Your outfit really matters, also when you work at home.