Growing anticipation for iPhone 8

2017 will without a doubt mark a major year for Apple. The company is not only expected to release the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s PLUS but also celebrates the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. Can you believe that it’s been ten years since the release of the first iPhone? Well, instead of falling into a depression because you feel old, you should get really excited because Apple is expected to mark this milestone with a special edition iPhone! The whole world has been wondering what the tech giant has in store for us next and especially in the last days the internet has been going crazy with leaks about the iPhone 8 popping up everywhere. Here is a breakdown of everything we claim to know about the newest iPhone.

caption: Steve Jobs presenting the very first iPhone with O2 in 2007

Augmented Reality – There are more and more reports out there claiming that Apple currently has up to 1.000 engineers working on integrating AR into the new device. While other tech companies are more and more focussing on Virtual Reality, Apple is doing the contrary because the company doesn’t want to invest in a feature that disconnects and isolates users from the real world. According to Gadgets 360 the engineers working on that project could come up with new 3D sensing capabilities as well as a way for users to create their own 3D avatars.

Design – When it comes to design Apple is always good for a surprise. If we believe the information that has been leaked so far we can expect a radical, all-glass design with a curved OLED 5.8 inch display. The home button, that has been a constant for a decade, is said to be completely replaced by a fingerprint sensor which is supposed to be embedded beneath the screen. Apple also seems to be working hard on improving the Touch ID sensor.

USB Port – Many Apple fans got really excited about the latest whispers concerning a supposed USB Type-C port. The Wall Street Journal published an article only a few days ago in which it was indicated that Apple would finally switch its Lightning connector to a USB Type-C port. Macbook users would be able to connect their new iPhone with their computers without using an adapter. But don’t get too excited! There are many people doubting that that will happen. Apple’s Lightning connection makes the company a lot of money by forcing their customers to buy the appropriate accessories. Apple could come up with a cable connecting their Lightning port to a USB-C port. By doing so they would definitely make Macbook users happy while still making money with their unique port.

As always the arrival of a new iPhone guarantees loads of excitement, discussion and controversy. We will keep you updated on every news and can’t wait to see the product when it finally comes out.