Four natural antibiotics you have in your home

Antibiotics are measures that are used in various diseases, and above all in the fight against bacterial infections. Although there are equivalent loads for choosing the mechanism. This is becoming available, for which more and more people are giving up on their natural counterparts. Not everyone is aware that they are completely safe, and no less important medicines, they can be added to our kitchen. Here are the ones that you can consider as leaders among natural antibiotics.

Garlic is a real, healthy bomb for the human body. You can find in it: amino acids, mineral salts, microelements, essential oils. In addition, it is rich in sulfides and allicin and a whole range of vitamins. Thanks to this, it is able to deal with many colds and ills, and additionally have a positive effect on the digestive system. Garlic is also recommended for people who fight hypertension and struggle with parasites in the intestines (due to their bactericidal properties). In addition, its regular consumption improves immunity and reduces the likelihood of developing cancer. It is best to eat garlic in raw form – one clove a day is enough. It can be enriched with your favorite dish or served with butter. It will be delicious and extremely healthy.

Ginger, not so long ago, was known only as a spice. Soon, however, it turned out that it has a number of health-promoting properties. Some even say that it works better than aspirin. It is rich in antioxidant substances and can be successfully used to deal with many diseases and ills. He is able to cope with high fever, nausea and severe headache. In addition, thanks to the oils contained in the rhizome, it facilitates digestion and improves the digestive tract. For many women, it may be useful to know that ginger is able to fight menstrual pain. No side effects. It can be taken in two ways. By buying a spice powder and adding it to dishes or pouring half a teaspoon. Others prefer a fresh root that can be cut and eaten raw, or pour hot water on it or add to a cocktail.

Turmeric is a popular spice that is often confused with curry. In fact, it is a natural remedy that is able to deal with various diseases. What’s more, it also has a strengthening and immunizing effect. Thanks to its consumption, you can avoid colds and even protect yourself against potential cancer. Curcumin, which is one of the most powerful antioxidants, is primarily responsible for the health-promoting properties of turmeric. Has anti-inflammatory, anti viral and analgesic effects. Turmeric is therefore used to relieve menstrual pain, digestive problems or to treat difficult to heal wounds and scars. You can bet on a powdered spice and add to your favorite dishes, or you can get root and use it to create a cocktail.

Horseradish is another example of a natural remedy. Some keep a processed jar of it in the kitchen, others with fresh roots. This spicy product turns up the taste of dishes, but this is not it only advantage. It also has a very positive effect on the human body. Antibacterial, anti viral and fungicidal. People who face infections against this background can successfully use horseradish as a medicine. It also has expectorant properties and additionally helps fight sinus disease and a troublesome runny nose. What’s more, horseradish root strengthens and immunizes the human body and prevents the development of cancer. It’s best to bet on the raw root (adding it to salads or other dishes), but the processed one will also work.