Facebook finally introduces a dislike button… kind of

Would you like to first hear the good or the bad news? Well, Facebook might be about to finally introduce a dislike button. But unfortunately you won’t be able to use it for disliking posts. Amongst others, Facebook is currently testing a thumbs-down reaction in its Messenger app that might soon come to your smartphone.

With users becoming more and more unfaithful to Facebook when it comes to sharing their content on Social Media, Marc Zuckerberg and his colleagues are forced to lock their users into the Facebook ecosystem by making the Messenger app as convenient as possible. The company told websites that they are ”always testing ways to make Messenger more fun and engaging.“ It was further added that ”this is a small test where (they) enable people to share an emoji that best represents their feelings on a message.“ A small tap is supposed to allow users to add a reaction to text conversations while everyone that is participating in the chat can see a full list of who left which reaction by tapping. This feature could be very helpful when it comes to planning and coordinating events with friends as it makes voting a lot quicker and easier. Facebook themselves don’t necessarily see the thumbs-down button as a dislike button but would rather call it a no-option.

Facebook users have been requesting a dislike button for what seems like forever. The company has always tried to circumvent this topic since it didn’t want to apply too much negativity on its platform. Instead Facebook developers created a wider range of reactions, amongst them an angry looking smiley, one year ago. So far an unbelievable amount of 300 billion reactions have been sent, with ”love“ being the most frequently used reaction. It makes up more than half of all reactions, which is hard to believe in times of shit storms and cyber mobbing. The new reactions in the Messenger app will be the exact same that already exist for posts, but they will include a thumbs-down button.

Unfortunately we will have to show a little patience before we all get to use this feature. Right now Facebook is only conducting tests on small groups of users but it shouldn’t be too long before they are rolling the update out to everybody. It will be interesting to see whether ”love” will stay the common theme on Facebook.