Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot- An almost perfect retelling of the story!


Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is a very nostalgic game which is a retelling of the entire Dragon Ball Z anime. This game got released quite recently on the 17th of January, 2020, and as of yet, it is being loved by people in both, the anime community and the gaming community. Today, I’ll be giving you guys my honest opinion about this installment of the Dragon Ball game series. First of all, let us go over the good points of this game.

What makes Dragon Ball Z Kakarot so good, is the fact that it does not solely focus on the fighting. Almost all the previous Dragon Ball games have always given more attention to the fighting aspect of the game. Being a fighting series at its core, of course the fighting aspect needs a lot of attention. But at the same time, the game developers should not just forget about the story. Dragon Ball Z is just a retelling of the original story, but the attention to detail in this game is absolutely insane. The amount of nostalgia that has been packed into this game is nothing short of praise.

Another thing I absolutely adore about this game is the fact that the characters are not balanced. This game is not multiplayer; hence, there is no need for character-balance. In all the other Dragon Ball games, even Krillin is just as strong as Majin Buu. Having no character balance is one of the reasons why Dragon Ball Kakarot is good at conveying the real story.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is a stand-alone game, which takes the time to introduce each character, lore, and concepts. This game gives a lot of attention to the story, and hence, it can be enjoyed equally by people who are not even fans of the anime/manga. The fact that almost anyone can pick this game up and enjoy the whole story without ever watching the anime is what makes it so special.

Sadly, even a praiseworthy game like Dragon Ball Z Kakarot has its own flaws! Now, let us focus on the minor flaws in this game.

The fighting aspect of this game is quite decent, but overall, it’s not very different from the previous games of the series. In my personal opinion, if you are someone who has played a lot of Dragon Ball games before then the fighting can seem quite bland.

Also, the side-quests in this game are quite bland too. The side-quests are usually too forced and very boring to play through. I think that side-quests should have a bit of an impact on the story as well.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot surely has the potential to become the perfect Dragon Ball game. But as of now, whilst it does excel at portraying the story for what it is, the game fails at giving us something new and exciting in the fighting department. However, if Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is your first Dragon Ball game, then you would love every aspect of this game.