A new Crash Bandicoot game to run on smartphones soon

source: ign.com

After years of oblivion, Crash Bandicoot made an iconic return. First in the magic remake trilogy, then in a great refreshment of racing games. Now we have learned about a completely new title from the series.

Be prepared, however, for a slight twinge of the profession. The good news is that a new Crash Bandicoot is emerging. This is demonstrated by, among other screenshots that have just leaked into the network. You probably already guessed this bad news. As it happens with many titles under high-profile, recognizable licenses …

The new Crash Bandicoot will be a mobile production.

Unfortunately, we are talking about a tactile game for smartphones and tablets. A classic addition that is designed to give extra dollars from a more popular brand. Sure, there is always a shadow of a chance that the application will be fun, interesting, varied and addictive. However, given the quality of most simplified licensed titles, I remain skeptical and use common sense.

The new Crash Bandicoot will be an endless runner title. This is a characteristic type of game that fits well with the limited capabilities of the touch screen. The hero runs straight ahead, in turn, the player’s task is to move left and right, avoiding obstacles appearing on the road. Sometimes we also have to jump or bend down. The further we reach, the higher the score.

Typical representatives of the endless runner are games such as Subway Surfers, Into the Dead, Temple Run or my beloved, psychedelic and terrifyingly addictive Robot Unicorn Attack 2. A surprisingly good endless runner also has Spider-Man from Marvel comics. You can also add titles such as Alto’s Adventure or Alto’s Odyssey to this subspecies.

It is not excluded that real Crash Bandicoot also arises.

When discussing financial results, Activision always emphasized that Crash Bandicoot’s remake sold much, much better than the publisher had assumed. The title regularly returns to sales lists, while the Nintendo Switch version gave it a second youth. Nitro-Fueled races are also doing quite well, although the success of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is unbeatable. That is why Acti should forge iron while it is hot.

It is worth noting that King – creator of the Candy Crush series is responsible for tactile Crash. The company is one of the latest achievements in Activision, and portable Crash Bandicoot will be the first fruit of this association.