7 Habits of Successful People

What do successful people have in common? More than you think. Success is a way of thinking, practice and accumulation of valuable qualities and habits. In particular, successful people achieve more than others because they have very good habits that set them apart from others. Each of us defines success differently, we have different goals and we choose different ways to achieve them. However, there are some features and similar habits that are common to people who get very good results. So what are the habits of successful people?

# 1 They take full responsibility for their lives
Successful people take responsibility for their lives. They never complain or blame others for their problems.

They take responsibility for everything that is good and bad in their lives. They know that even if they can’t always control what is happening to them, they always have an impact on their way of responding to these events. They can choose an answer that is positive and productive instead of negative. For this reason, successful people are always optimistic about the future ahead. In every difficult situation, they try to find something positive.

# 2 They know their priorities and don’t waste time
Successful people always know and have their priorities clearly defined. They perform the most important tasks first. They are aware that time is the most valuable and non-renewable resource, which is why they cannot afford to squander it and change it into small ones by engaging in insignificant activities.

They know that what counts is measurable effects and the quality of their work, not the work itself. They focus on the right important tasks that bring them closer to achieving their goals. They spend less time on smaller, less significant tasks. It is better to be more effective and efficient in the case of important duties than to insignificant activities.

# 3 They have their own optimal morning routine
Successful people make the most of the first hours of the day after waking up. They have very well planned and effective mornings. They are the key to their super productive days. They choose activities that stimulate and inspire them.

They exercise, meditate, write a diary, read, hydrate and nourish their body. All to have the strength and energy to meet the challenges of the day. Many successful people in the morning also deal with the most demanding and most important tasks on a given day.

# 4 They practice daily meditation or other mindfulness practice
A significant percentage of successful people declare that they practice meditation on a daily basis or use various mindfulness techniques. When we practice meditation and mindfulness, we focus our attention on what we experience in the present. We postpone thoughts about the past or concerns about the future. Meditation and mindfulness in successful people has become part of the daily routine. Meditation and mindfulness techniques offer many benefits for body, mind and spirit.

# 5 Health and fitness are a priority
Research shows that regular exercise and a healthy diet can lead to greater productivity, happiness, motivation and longer life. Successful people take care of their bodies because they know that it affects all other areas of their lives. Exercise and physical activity for successful people is very important, they also pay attention to what they eat to optimally nourish and strengthen their body.

# 6 They read and learn constantly
Another habit that successful people practice is to regularly read and constantly learn new things.

Bill Gates reads about 50 books a year, Warren Buffett reads 600-1000 pages a day. Elon Musk learned to build rocket ships, among others reading books on the subject. Mark Zuckerberg also encourages reading books.However, successful people don’t just read anything. They selectively approach reading. They usually choose books from which they can learn something new, non-fiction, instead of the usual and popular fiction. Reading is a sure path to success, so instead of ending the day watching TV, it’s worth reaching for a book.

# 7 Discipline and self-control
The next key habit and feature of successful people is discipline and self-control.

Successful people know how to stay focused and not distract themselves from insignificant matters. They are not overwhelmed by the fear of missing something important, something amazing. They are not afraid to say “No” to various types of proposals. Their priorities are clear and they keep their eyes on their goal.