13 Creative DIY to keep your kids entertained for at least 5 minutes

Schools and kindergartens are closed in many places and the break will be most likely  extended. For many parents, it is a real test of patience and educational skills. How to creatively manage children’s time at home?

What exactly can you do at home with kids when we have to stay in it? There are many possibilities. We present some of them in the video below:

Let’s start by turning off the TV, putting smartphones and tablets in the corner. Be exclusive to your child. We know it is difficult because there is so much to do and we are tired of it. Let’s remember, however, that the attention devoted to the child and the time of having fun together are for him the most valuable gift, and also help us parents “recharge the batteries” and for a moment forget about everyday hardships. You won’t need expensive or fancy gadgets to have fun, the best are the simplest games that we know from our childhood.

Play is certainly an important element of the children’s world. It brings a lot of joy and satisfaction, and at the same time performs cognitive and educational functions. It is part of the everyday world in which children grow up. Let us, therefore, experience this wonderful time by sharing it with them. Although in the age of computers trying to interest a child in something other than colorful applications, games may seem difficult for some parents, I assure you – nothing could be more wrong. When we lack ideas for fun (which is natural), creative parents come to the rescue.