10 classic movies of all time that everyone should watch

You may have more time now on your hands so it’s a good moment to catch up with these movies that you have never seen but always wanted to. We present you the list of 10 classic movies that you should consider watching.

  1. Casablanca (1942)

  • American melodrama and film noir from 1942, which takes place during World War II, in the Moroccan city of Casablanca controlled by France Vichy.

2. Citizen Kane (1941)

  • American feature film from 1941 directed by Orson Welles. Often considered the best film in the history of cinema

3. The Wizard of Oz (1939)

  • American family film, fantasy-adventure musical, from 1939. This production was directed by Victor Fleming (main director) and George Cukor, Mervyn LeRoy (also production director), Norman Taurog and King Vidor.

4. Psycho (1960)

  • Marion disappears after stealing money from her employer. Her lover and sister try to find her and end up reaching the infamous Bates Motel, where they meet Norman Bates.

5. Some like it Hot (1963)

  • Escaping from gangsters, unemployed musicians Jerry and Joe dress up as women and join a women’s jazz band. There they will meet the beautiful Sugar Kane Kowalczyk.

6. Gone with the wind (1939)

  • Filming of the novel by Margaret Mitchell. Carefree and rich Scarlett O’Hara is embroiled in a turbulent relationship with Rhett Butler.

7. It’s a wonderful life (1946)

  • a 1946 American Christmas fantasy drama film pbased on the short story and booklet The Greatest Gift The film is one of the most beloved in American cinema, and has become traditional viewing during the Christmas season.

8. The Godfather (1972)

  • The story of a New York mafia family. The aging Don Corleone wants to transfer power to his son.

9. Singin’ in the Rain (1952)

  • American music movie from 1952 directed by Stanley Donen (Funny Face) and Gene Kelly.

10. Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

  • A British adventure drama from 1962 directed by David Leon, based on the autobiographical novel T.E. Lawrence: Seven Pillars of Wisdom Wisdom published in 1926.

Hope you enjoyed this list and will take something away for your next movie time.